Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)


10+2 with English

As business becomes more and more competitive, specialized training in the subject has become necessary. The Degree Course in Business Administration develops your theoretical and practical ability in a range of Business Activity.

Course Contents:

Some of the subjects which are taught in B.B.A.(H) course are Principles of management ,English Language & Communication ,Financial Accounting , Maths , Business Communications , Statistics , Marketing Management , Economics , Mgmt information Systems , Materials Management, Human Resource Management , Production Management , Psychology , Social Research Methodology etc.

Future Prospects:

On successful completion of the course you will be equipped with the necessary qualification, Knowledge and skill to enter directly into a career in Management. You will even be able to pursue higher education at the Master’s Degree level or any other higher qualification in India or abroad. Alternatively, you will be equipped to start own business in any field that you may be interested in.

Course Duration:

MAKAUT‘s Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (H) is a 3 Years, Full time Degree Course. The Course is divided into 6 semesters. There is also sufficient emphasis on field projects for Building Practical Experiences.

Free Structure of BBA:

At the time of admission:

  • MAKAUT CET Form: 650.00
  • College Form: 300.00
  • Admission Fees:3000.00
  • MAKAUT Registration Fees: 400.00
  • MAKAUT Development Fees: 1650.00
  • College Development Fees: 3800.00
  • KITM Festival: 1000.00
  • Library Fees: 1500.00
  • 1st Semester Exam. Fees: 1200.00
  • 1st Semester fees : 20,000.00

Total Rs. At the time of admission: 14,000.00/- + 20,000.00/-

Particulars Payable Fees Particulars Payable Fees
2nd Semester Fees 20000.00 2nd Semester Examination Fees 1200.00
3rd Semester Fees 20000.00 3rd Semester Examination Fees 1200.00
4th Semester Fees 20000.00 4th Semester Examination Fees 1200.00
5th Semester Fees 20000.00 5th Semester Examination Fees 1200.00
6th Semester Fees 20000.00 6th Semester Examination Fees 1200.00
20% Extra Semester Fees for NRI or Foreign Candidates.

Total Course Fees in 3 years Rs. 1,40,000.00/- (One Lakh Forty Thousand Only.)

Syllabus of B.B.A: