Chairman & Director's Message

Chairman & Director's Message

I am happy to look back at the history of Kotibarsha Institute of Technology & Management College . I have started the College in 2006 to broad base the education so as to achieve social justice by eliminating disparities and equalizing educational opportunities for those deprived equality so far. We are now providing almost all job - oriented courses in our College including Hotel & Catering Management, Business Administration and Computer Applications.

The Primary goal of our education has to be the development of the human being to be a better human being. I make no compromise in quality of education and our institution is marching ahead to excel other institutions in this part of India.

I welcome you at Kotibarsha Institute of Technology & Management College recognizes the ability of its students and enables them to grow and evolve into successful professionals. It achieves this through its state-of-the-art infrastructure, its picturesque & inspiring setting, and its exceptional team of faculty members and administrators. The atmosphere at KITM College is perfectly suited to all-round growth, and academic excellence. Our focus remains on raising efficient confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers and entrepreneurs with global thinking and futuristic mindset that will contribute to nation building with faith in corporate ethics.

At the institute, we place great importance on interactive learning. In fact, this aspect is what makes the atmosphere at our institute so warm and friendly. We believe that students need support, guidance and assistance to grow into professionals. They have to be focused and what enables them to develop the high degree of concentration they require, is not just excellent academic teaching, but overall comfort in life, as we believe that students must not be burdened by any sort of anxiety or stress. In addition to other facilities, are provided with personalized care and attention, making students feel secure and at ease.

Upon the completion of their course at our institute, students are groomed into competent professionals. They are molded to have a great career, and achieve remarkable results as professionals. It is a matter of great pride for us that the leading corporate hoses have earmarked Kotibarsha Institute of Technology & College as a reputed center for Studies. It has been a pleasure to see the college starts into a vibrant institution with active and enthusiastic students. Learning is a process that is shared by students and teachers and all the members of the Kotibarsha Institute of Technology & Management.

In today's socio-political scenario, our new generation should be fully equipped with mature and sharp analytical power so that they prove to be worthy citizens. KITM offers a platform for this overall development of one's personality.